8 gânduri despre „Vizionează „Nabila Bellydance: Shaaby Flashmob 2016 in Austria” pe YouTube”

      1. Thank you Ana , I really appreciate your wonderful gesture to write back to me in perfect greek. I’m touched with the politeness, the gentleness, and the nobility of yours. Σε ευχαριστώ πολύ.

        Apreciat de 2 persoane

      2. Your wrote perfect greek… lol To me the gesture says more things than your perfect greek. But here’s what i have noticed -and this is strange and wonderful at the same time- when someone tries a google translation from greek to english or the other way around, the result sucks most of the times. But from the romanian lang to greek, the result is almost „perfect”. Especially, on the topic of the „syntaxis” of a phrase. The authenticity, clarity, and strength are unique. I wish I was able to explain this, but I can’t. Anyway, in your case, you may trust the google translation. Thanks again, dear. Have a wonderful day.

        Apreciat de 2 persoane

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